On Stage

Articles related to using the Tube Amp Expander for live performance:

  • Input Sig/Peak Light Going Red? – If the Sig/Peak LED is lit up in red and you think it shouldn't be, here's something that might fix it
  • Power Amp Impedance Matching – A couple of not-so-obvious aspects of the built-in power amp
  • Using the EQ – The EQ facilities in the TAE are remarkably robust. Here’s a thorough run down on what they do and how to use them.
  • GA-FC Impressions – A run-down of the GA-FC foot controller's capabilities and my thoughts about what Boss got right and wrong
  • Foot Volume Notes – Everything you could want to know about using expression pedals with the TAE
  • Block Diagram Error – Did you know there is an error in the block diagram on the top of the TAE?
  • All About the Reverb – The dish on the 'verb, including my take on the TAE's various reverb algorithms and a more detailed explanation of the parameters than provided by the manual
  • Getting Loopy – The ins and outs of the TAE's effects loop
  • Loading IRs Into the TAE – The good, the bad, and the ugly about using your own IRs
  • Is 100 Watts Enough? – Pondering the question of whether the built-in power amp has quite enough muscle
  • First, Do No Harm – The basics on how to use the TAE safely
  • Going Mobile – Some thoughts on various case solutions for the TAE