Will the TAE Blow my Amp's Output Transformer?

I’ve gotten a couple of emails from readers who’ve experienced blown output transformers while using the Tube Amp Expander. They typically want to know if I’m aware of this problem, if I have experienced it, if I know what is causing it, and what they can do about it. Oh yeah, I’m definitely aware of it. I've read threads on it on a few different online guitar forums. And like everybody who's bought a TAE, these posts initially gave me that uneasy feeling of, Sh!t, did I %$# up by buying this thing? However, after a year and half of owning a TAE, and using it almost every time I play, I have not experienced this problem or anything similar to it. Maybe one day I will, but I’m honestly not very worried about it. Here’s why. First, reading through these accounts, I can't eliminate user error as a cause. In my experience, more people than not don't bother reading user manuals and in many cases, they really should because they don't know what they're doing. And usin

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