Going Mobile

Thoughts On Cases for the TAE I had my Tube Amp Expander for over a year before I bought a case for it. With the pandemic going on, it wasn't like the TAE was going to be leaving my studio anytime soon. So it sat safely on my amps for a year. That actually gave me some time to investigate options and think about what I wanted and needed.  Considerations Notwithstanding pandemic-driven lifestyle changes, I'm usually in a band. Not always, but usually. Years ago, I was what you'd call a "semi-pro" musician, but nowadays I'm strictly a weekend warrior. I gig only a few times a month and almost never out of town. And I always transport my own gear. So I know my stuff is always in caring and mindful hands. And because of all that, I don't want ATA road cases anymore. They're more hassle than they're worth for me. I want just enough protection, while keeping the size and weight down because I have to carry all this stuff myself and I'm not getting a

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