Impressions of the TAE Editor

Let's start this post by going through the things that Boss really got right with the TAE Editor. First and foremost it is dependable. I've used it a lot and it hasn't ever crashed. In fact I haven't even encountered a bug yet! Although after 30+ years in the software business, I'm sure the Editor has some bugs in there somewhere. But overall it seems to be well-tested and it works as designed.
Another good thing is that if you already understand how the TAE works and what all the settings do, it's pretty straightforward to use. The settings are where you expect them to be and the app doesn't fight you to get things done.
The Editor's UI employs a variation on the same design pattern you've seen a million times before in other apps, including Windows Explorer, Outlook, or Gmail: a list panel in which you select things, and a view/edit panel in which you view or edit things you select from the list. In the TAE Editor's case, there's a lis…

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