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Impedance Curve – Celestion G12H Heritage Tech Talk I usually try to keep the technical information pretty high-level on this blog. But I think in this case it's helpful to maybe go down one level. Guitarists quickly comes to grips with the idea that every speaker cabinet has an impedance and that you need to match an amp's impedance to the cab it's driving.  But what exactly is impedance? Impedance is the resistance of the speaker to current flow. In other words, how much the speaker "pushes back" on the amp. Since impedance is a measure of how much the speaker resists current, the lower the impedance in ohms, the more power the speaker will draw from your amp. As you know, every speaker has a rated impedance, which would seem to mean that speakers have a fixed impedance like we all have a fixed number of fingers. But that isn't the case. Speaker impedance is variable like the number of guitars a player has, which can vary from day to day and paycheck to payc

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